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What are Case Simulations?

Case simulations are a radically different type of business simulation that let professors use simulations in ways and in courses not before possible.

Unlike traditional business simulations, with multiple "turns" and long learning curves, case simulations are fully visual and use a game-like interface that students can use intuitively and immediately--more time learning the subject, less time learning the software. This lets professors use simulations to deliver experiential learning throughout their courses, most often in place of traditional homework assignments. And many professors are offering online courses based completely on case simulations--a new paradigm in online education.

Are they affordable?

Absolutely! Our Full Curriculum packages give students 15+ simulations and full traditional textbook chapters with quizzes, all for less than most textbooks. Our Simulation Supplement packages offer an affordable alternative for professors wanting to keeping their traditional textbook, while modernizing their overall curriculum.

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